About Us

Pinpoint Technology, LLC was formed in 1997 as a privately held company tailored to the metals industry. Our goal is to be the "Go To" team when it comes to engineering solutions that save companies money.

We are an engineering products and services business that provides solutions to industries that use raw materials. The owners, John Stangler and Eric Little, are still today involved in every aspect of the business. Although the staff continues to grow, it still remains a business with that personal feel.

We use our experience, expertise, and honesty to create relationships that are beneficial to everyone involved. We believe that following our guidelines of quality, value and integrity and keeping our clients happy and successful, are the keys to continuing to make our company grow.

Main office
Main office Professional Services Building in Wisconsin

Call or email for a free WebEx presentation showing how we can help. (608) 839-8200 or info@blendmaster.com.