Engineering Services

Pinpoint Technology will help identify opportunities and direct the raw material improvement efforts forward, towards real tangible results.

Raw material system audits (2-3 days onsite)
We will complete a formal review of your raw material systems to identify where to focus efforts in order to get the most return. Audit categories include key Raw Material areas such as Purchasing, Scheduling, Receiving, Inventory, Blending, Melting, Quality, etc.

Scrap purchasing and usage audits (offsite)
Comparing your actual blends vs. optimal blends shows the opportunity of gain. Knowing how much opportunity is available is a great start to improving your raw material systems.

Raw Material Training Classes
A knowledgeable organization is necessary for a safe and involved environment. If you are looking for training for operations, production or office staff, we provide training to cover the most important areas of aluminum.

Custom Software Services
When your computers are not making your life easier or providing critical raw material data to you, a software review and solution is necessary. We audit and implement solutions so when data is entered one time, it does not have to be entered again.

Additional offered services:

  • Blending System Consulting
  • Blending System Benchmarking
  • Blendmaster Support Services
  • Blending System Advancement
  • Strategic Optimization Services
  • Due Diligence appraisals
  • Lean Manufacturing Audits
  • Process Improvement Audits
  • Process Engineering
  • Database Development
  • ERP Interfacing
  • ERP Data Analysis
  • Six Sigma Black Belt analysis
  • Raw Material Purchasing consulting
  • Operations consulting

Pinpoint Technology works with you to help understand where opportunities are, and insures you stay current with latest money saving opportunities. Pinpoint Technology, LLC is a trusted partner for all of your raw material solutions needs.

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