Pinpoint Technology services meld blending, engineering, operations, process improvement and project management for a unique balance of strategy and technology. With our industry experience, Pinpoint Technology, LLC is able to provide tailored blending services to take all your processes to the next level. We will enable you to achieve a lower cost, higher quality product, thus increasing your Return on Investment (ROI). We have the proven history, experience and knowledge to take your processes to the world class level.

Effective raw material systems are all about knowing the value in your raw materials and how to use them correctly. We show you the bottom-line impact resulting from blending decisions of using raw material A vs. raw material B. Our experts help you identify what to purchase so you have the right raw material, at the right time. We work with you to inspect, identify and receive raw materials so it is ready to be used. We reduce your raw material blend cost, streamline raw material flow, and help to free up valuable working capital that's stuck in scrap inventory driving the right blend. We will even train your personnel the value in scrap and how to purchase, receive, blend, and consume it.

Several services we offer:

  • Blending System Consulting
  • Blending System Benchmarking
  • Blendmaster Support Services
  • Blending System Advancement
  • Training
  • Strategic Optimization Services
  • Due Diligence appraisals
  • Lean Manufacturing Audits
  • Process Improvement Audits
  • Process Engineering
  • Database Development
  • ERP Interfacing
  • ERP Data Analysis
  • Security and Integrity Audits
  • Six Sigma Black Belt analysis
  • Raw Material Purchasing consulting
  • Operations consulting

Pinpoint Technology works with you to help understand where opportunities are, and insures you stay current with latest money saving opportunities. Pinpoint Technology, LLC is a trusted partner for all of your raw material solutions needs.

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