Advance your Raw Material systems by using the Blendmaster® suite of products.

Our product lines include custom software solutions, standard and custom interfaces; in addition to our main line suite of software that will:

  • Insure easy lowest cost floor charges.
    Blendmaster Shop Floor optimized blends use current inventory and includes processing costs and recovery to create the true lowest cost mix.

  • Identify needed raw materials are purchased.
    Blendmaster Purchasing Optimization uses your production schedule, processing limits, in house inventory, on order, and market available materials to guide what scrap to buy and what to avoid.

  • Reduce data entry and streamline raw material systems.
    Blendmaster interfaces allow Blendmaster to talk to your existing accounting, ERP, production and spectrometer for order, inventory, receipt, chemistry and consumption data with no user interaction.

  • Single-click furnace correction, conversion and addition blends.
    Blendmaster Shop Floor optimization creates lowest cost blends using your current inventory to get furnace chemistry into range.

  • Schedule truck appointments with Purchase Orders.
    Blendmaster Appointment Builder provides ability to schedule trucks to know what and when raw materials will arrive.

  • Retain scrap buying knowledge.
    Blendmaster Quote Tracker logs vendor, bid/ask prices, material and PO prices. Know the impact of market swings and what to bid based on material and/or vendor.

  • Automatic chemistry trending and quick and easy preventative furnace adjustments.
    Blendmaster dashboard to display furnace chemistry trend graphs displaying where the chemistry will be with no changes.

  • Log processing equipment by-products to audit vendors and material.
    Blendmaster processing zones schedule and process scrap loads, complete with by products, gas use, date/time and all necessary reporting to capture all costs.

  • Reduce time by using EPA, Purchasing, and Furnace reports.
    Blendmaster Standard Reports and Blendmaster Custom reports to quickly display the information as it is needed to eliminate need for extra entry or data manipulation.

  • Centralize and standardize raw material data for analysis and history retention.
    Blendmaster Raw Material Data Warehouse SQL database with all raw material data for easy review and data analysis. Exportable into Excel, text, CSV, etc. files for easy use.

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