Support and Maintenance

Pinpoint Technology is a full service blending solutions provider that offers more than the most powerful blending software available. Blendmaster Support includes upgrades, new product features, and access to many other full service items including:

  • Manufacturing experience - Over 30 years of manufacturing and management experience to provide you proven results.
  • Process improvement analysis - Providing you answers to improve your bottom line
  • Software upgrades - Ever improving and evolving software that grows as you grow.
  • Software support - Being there when you need us to insure Blendmaster systems and interfaces are running always
  • One on One Online Training - Ensure all of your personnel stay current by taking advantage of the business critical information that Blendmaster provides.
  • Database Administration - Providing the database expertise you count on to keep your database operations running smooth.
  • Database monitoring/distress repair - Preventative efforts to insure that your critical data is protected and available to you.
  • Patches / Fixes - Stay current with technology as outside environments change (Windows upgrades, support software patches, etc.). We insure Blendmaster is there for you at all times.

Pinpoint Technology - Application Support

Pinpoint Technology software support:

  • Blendmaster client software
  • Blendmaster interface software
  • Blendmaster server software

Blendmaster database support (includes DBA support)

  • Warehouse reports
  • Warehouse processing engine
  • Warehouse Database support (includes DBA Support)
  • MS SQL configuration

Pinpoint Technology support coverage:

  • 7 x 24 product support, with 4 hour response time
  • DBA database and maintenance support
  • MS SQL Server support - limited to product support
  • MS SQL Agent interface alerting - includes warehouse jobs, interfaces, and maintenance

Pinpoint Technology - Server Services and Host Services

Server support coverage:

  • Escalation (helpdesk process, Pinpoint support contact(s), Host support contact(s), etc.)
  • Monitoring (i.e. server logs, network, performance, capacity, security, hardware, etc.)
  • Security (i.e. new users, network, server antivirus, firewalls, etc.)

Hardware Support:

  • Host Services support coverage
  • Work with vendors to replace failed hardware

Pinpoint Technology - Product Maintenance

Pinpoint Technology software maintenance:

  • Blendmaster client software
  • Blendmaster interface software
  • Blendmaster server software
  • Blendmaster database support
  • Warehouse reports & software
  • Warehouse database support

Pinpoint Technology maintenance coverage:

  • The newest version of purchased products
  • New product documentation
  • Assistance with each upgrade
  • Remote upgrades/support for smooth upgrades
  • Min. of 1 major upgrade per year

Server Hardware Maintenance (Customer Provided)

Server maintenance coverage:

  • Server Maintenance - (Windows Server Patching, MS SQL Server Patching, etc.)
  • Virtual Server Maintenance - (VMWare Server, Hyper-V Server, etc.)
  • Change Management - Owners/Coordinators of Blendmaster/Warehouse upgrades availability for Pinpoint Technology.

Hosting maintenance coverage:

  • Backup (Servers and MS SQL databases)

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